welcome to the wild rover.

The Wild Rover is Oslo´s latest bar addition – and one of the city´s largest Irish pubs. The name and concept are based on “The great men of Ireland” – a tribute to important and historical personalities from the charming island. At the Wild Rover you can enjoy everything an Irish pub should and would offer, starting with the most obvious – Guinness and whiskey! The Wild Rover is also a sports pub and restaurant, showing all the greatest football matches and sports events, and serving delicious pub food. The Wild Rover is a place for everyone. Great atmosphere, good food, a huge bar collection, sports and live music.

Opening hours

13:00-22:00 (Kitchen: 13:00-21:30)

Tuesday – Thursday
13:00-01:00 (Kitchen: 13:00-00:30)

12:00-03:00 (Kitchen: 12:00-02:00)

11:00-03:00 (Kitchen: 11:00-02:00)

12:00-22:00 (Kitchen: 12:00-21:00)